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Nov 7, 2012 10:00pm EST
caffeine in thooe energy drinks......aad how close they ome...toothe amoond ou can √°safely√° drink...after the break 3 withha ationally televised matchup with the defending nationalchampions this friday, - maryland baskeeball coach mark ttrgeongot some of theebbst new he could have hoppd for... his new transfer will be able to play... 3 dez wells, ho transferred from xavier, regained hhi eligibility todaygranting him -3 a waiver from a rule that would have caused himto sii out the entire seasonn.wells was expelled from xavier last summer after an arrest..charges were laaer wwsn'' trannffring, he as -3 kicked outt.he ncca aggeed.a year, aveeaging juut under 10 & gamee.eaaning atlannic 10 freshman of the year honors.. 3 the ravens are at home this they host the oakland raiders 3 the black and silver hits the field, a very familiar name & will be at the controls... controls... 3 former bengal carson palmer is havvng a bit of a career resurgence in oakland, ranking 8thin the nfl in passinn...averaging nearly 330 yards per game...he's thrown 1
Nov 10, 2012 10:30pm EST
residents got a chance to get a break in their b-g-e- bill. the energy assistance expo was held at baltimore city community college. the event encouraged limited-income b-g- e customers to speak with representatives from he help with their bill. "not only is that about how do assistance we're actually here today helling people fill out theeform so they can find out can assiss them because there - is a fund who asssst peoplee them o pay.. to receive moreeinnormation on how to get help with your b-g-e bill or to see if you're eligible you can call 410-396- 5555. 3 what... bbtter way say thanks... to ourr viewers... than with omeefree . cash. we're talking about the fox 45 thankssiveaway?we're paying to enterr.. go to our facebbok page... like uu... and click on contests. contests.then... ... we''l giveeaway a 100- &pdollar gift card on fox 45 morning news... every hourr.. pf the shhw... starting at 5 a-m. 3 ts ot's a robbery. why it took a &p a major shakeuppin ollege football...the upset of the unlimited... ,3& definitely have to see to police in
Nov 8, 2012 10:00pm EST
or illness...//. analysts... say... soldiers need... to be educattd... about energy drinks.... / and... the potential harrful effects on sleep and performance. in office chairs.. or on the g - sofa.. may bb packing fat around your hhart. heart. rrseerchers used pt scans ttoexamine thh body fat of more than five hundred adults ... thee founddthe more time spent sitting... the bigger the area of fat depositee around a person's heart. and that fat didn't budge... evenn when people undertook reeular exercise. doctorr... may be bias against people who are verweight....or obese. 3 that... according to researchers... who studied... mooe than ...22-hundred doctors .../ thhyy.. teeted two ttpes of behaviors..... / the biases ...people know ...they have.. ann the ones... thhy doctors... were llss biased... than their male counterparts... / put... theebbas remainedd strrng... among... men and women. .../ study research... did ot show patienns... wereetreated differently... by their doctorss a... hhward county couple
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3